Volunteer for an Association Committee

Why Do We Need Committees?

A committee’s primary function is to provide programs, products, and services that best meet members’ needs and are cost effective.

Committees are the lifeblood of an association.

They provide forums for ideas, vision for the future, and they accomplish the majority of an association’s work.

The Importance of Volunteering

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill

Volunteering for a committee provides opportunities to:

  • get to know other colleagues
  • enhance your real estate and leadership knowledge
  • network closely with affiliates
  • gain insight into how the association operates

Committee Definitions & Expectations


Promote REALTORS® through electronic and written forms of communication.  


Since its inception, the advertising committee has used their annual budget to purchase seasonal commercials and scheduled air time, promoting REALTORS® and the current President. 


  • Committee meeting may be conducted in person, via email or virtual. 
  • Average 1-2 meetings per year to discuss spending the budget. 


Is responsible for considering the planning, expansion and development of the building and grounds as well as the maintenance of such existing facilities.  


In April, trustees conduct a walk-through of our building to determine any maintenance and repair needs. 

  • Committee will vote on quotes obtained by CEO as needed 


Offer opportunities for WCAR members to engage in various projects that are designed to serve and improve our local community.  


NAR Core Standards requires the board to engage in consumer activities during the year. At minimum two events. 

2021 Events: 

  • Supply Donation Drive for Lima’s Samaritan House 
  • Costume Bowling Event benefitting Family Promise in Lima 


  • Committee meeting may be conducted in person, via email or virtual. 
  • Average of 2-4 meetings for each event. 


To identify topics of help and interest to the members. Schedules and plans educational programs.

Working with affiliates to provide continuing education or underwrite part of the cost of the courses to enable reasonably priced classes while still reaching the non-dues income goal set by the finance committee.  

To establish and promote monthly membership meetings and quarterly business meetings.


Suggest professional development topics.  Ensure business partners know about sponsorships. Assist with planning quarterly membership meetings.

  • Get quotes on venues, food, supplies 
  • Confirm sponsorships 
  • Promote event at committee members brokerage 
  • Gather supplies needed for day of event 


  • Committee meeting may be conducted in person, via email or virtual. 
  • Average of 2-4 meetings for each event. 


Organize the WCAR Golf Outing which is an annual Board fundraiser designed for the members enjoyment.   


The committee’s main requirement is to assist with obtaining sponsorships and registrations for the event.

Each member is given a call list of current affiliates and previous sponsors. 

Request to assist with promoting the event. Request to assist with set up and clean up day of event.


  • Committee meeting may be conducted in person, via email or virtual.  
  • Average of 2-6 meetings prior to event. 
  • May be asked to attend a recap meeting post event 


To review and keep current MLS Rules, Regulations and Policy to conform to NAR Rules & Regulations with the Board of Directors approval. Policy and Procedures approved by the Board of Directors shall be followed in administering said rules and regulations MLS fees will be set by staff, explained to MLS Committee and then submitted to the BOD for their approval.

The MLS committee supports and enhances the level of service to the membership and provides the appropriate vehicle to address the concerns and issues of the participants and users. 

The MLS Committee is responsible for planning one membership meeting each year to address concerns of the users of the Multiple Listing System. 


Meetings are scheduled throughout the year on an as needed basis to address rules, policies and technology.

Prior to the meeting an agenda and additional documentation will be shared with the committee. 

The committee will meet to discuss the agenda and vote on whether the topic should move forward to the Board of Directors for approval. 


  • Quarterly meetings are held to approve the next Quarters MLS fees. 
  • If there are no other topics to address, MLS dues will be voted on via email.
  • Committee meeting may be conducted in person, via email or virtual. 
  • Average 4-12 meetings per year  


The RPAC Chairman and Committee encourages members to be active participants in the RPAC campaign.

Is in charge of planning RPAC fundraising events.  


Typically, the committee conducts one in person RPAC fundraiser per year, with the possible addition of an online silent auction. 

The committee is responsible for reaching out to sponsors, assisting with auction ideas, gathering items for the event as needed and promoting the event. 


  • Committee meeting may be conducted in person, via email or virtual.  
  • Average of 2-6 meetings prior to event. 


Determine the technology needs of the Board and the best way to fulfill them.  


As the office has tech equipment needs such as computers and printers, the committee will assist with choosing adequate products. 

As long as the item is within the established budget for that year, the committee gives approval for spending.

If the item/need exceeds the budget, the committee’s recommendation will then be presented to the board for final approval. 


  • Committee meeting may be conducted in person, via email or virtual. 
  • Average 1-3 meetings per year

Committee Policies

  • Committee members are appointed by the Committee Chair and/or President, and must be a member in good standing.  (Takes place in November for the following year.)
  • The President and Association Executive (AE) are non-voting ex-officio members of all committees and must be notified of meetings.  
  • The President has the power to remove, subject to confirmation by the Board of Directors, any member from a committee.  
  • If a committee member is unable or unwilling to continue serving on the committee, the President, along with the committee chair will appoint, subject to confirmation by the Board of Directors, another member to complete the remaining term.  
  • Any committee member who fails to attend three (3) regular or special meetings of the committee, without a reason deemed valid and acceptable by the Chair or the committee, will be deemed to have resigned from the Committee. 

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