2021 Ohio Realtors President’s Sales Club

REALTORS attaining the PSC award are among an elite group within the Ohio real estate profession–one that is a member of the select 2021 Ohio REALTORS President’s Sales Club.

Transactions claimed for the 2021 Ohio REALTORS President’s Sales Club must have been closed between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021.

Level of Recognition Key

A “T” after the code indicates member is part of a team.

PSC1 = Achievement (1 Million, $1.5 Team)

PSC2 = Distinction (2.5 Million, $3.75 Team)

PSC5 = Excellence (5 Million, $7.5 Team)

PSC7 = Pinnacle (7.5 Million, $11.25 Team

West Central Association Winners

PSC7 = Pinnacle (7.5 Million, $11.25 Team

  • Debbie Lane PSC7
  • Devin Lee Dye PSC7

PSC5 = Excellence (5 Million, $7.5 Team)

  • Chad A. Wright PSC5
  • Chester M. Straley PSC5
  • Cynthia A. Liening PSC5
  • Dale E. Butler PSC5
  • Dawn Marie Iiames PSC5
  • Jason J. Liening PSC5
  • Maria A. Sanko PSC5
  • Rachel Alice Swartz PSC5
  • Robert D. Gamble Jr PSC5
  • Sandra Marie Kivimaki PSC5

PSC2 = Distinction (2.5 Million, $3.75 Team)

  • Ashley Blaire Meas PSC2
  • Bailey Ann Joseph PSC2
  • Dalton Victor‐Lowe Brenner PSC2
  • Daniel T. Irwin PSC2
  • Debra L. Goodwin PSC2
  • Elaine Wehri PSC2
  • Gregory Charles Stolly PSC2
  • Jacob Robert McKissick PSC2
  • Jamie R. Hollar PSC2
  • Joe Bagley PSC2
  • Kate E. Shulaw PSC2T
  • Kayla Ann Boss PSC2
  • Krista Marie Hughes PSC2
  • Lisa F. Wenger PSC2
  • Michelle R. Gunter PSC2
  • Randell D. Faulder PSC2
  • Renee L. Smiley PSC2
  • Richard F. Clark PSC2
  • Robert D. Gamble PSC2
  • Robert Thomas Meyerhoffer PSC2
  • Scott A. Parsons PSC2
  • Shelly L. Diepenbrock PSC2
  • Steven Ray Shulaw II PSC2T
  • Tim L. Stanford PSC2
  • Tod A. Kitchen PSC1
  • Tug Nolan Taviano PSC2
  • Warren Joseph Straley PSC2

PSC1 = Achievement (1 Million, $1.5 Team)

  • Aaron James Cunningham PSC1
  • Amber Jo Davis PSC1
  • Amy L. Joseph PSC1
  • Anne M. Brecht PSC1
  • Ashleigh Jo Mangini PSC1
  • Beverly Rose Rex‐Cook PSC1
  • Bruce O. Binkley PSC1
  • Cassandra Renee Bell PSC1
  • Cheryl L. Faulder PSC1
  • Daryl D. Strickler PSC1
  • David J. Kortokrax PSC1
  • Greg L. Butcher PSC1
  • H Edward Parker PSC1
  • Jane L. Germann PSC1
  • Jaylene Smith PSC1
  • Jeffery S. Poling PSC1
  • Joanne Heather Gaus PSC1
  • Jodi M. Cartagena PSC1
  • Joshua Jerome Steinke PSC1
  • Joshua Michael Ebbing PSC1
  • Karen R. Warnecke PSC1
  • Katherine Michelle Dudgeon PSC1
  • Krista L. Schrader PSC1
  • Kristen Anne Archer PSC1
  • Kristna L. Gamble PSC1
  • Kyle J. Bushong PSC1
  • Lauren Ann Honigford PSC1
  • Lori J. Page PSC1
  • Lynn M. Miller PSC1
  • Mark R. Jarvis PSC1
  • Mark S. Bush PSC1
  • Michael Lee Hunsicker PSC1
  • Michael R. Miller PSC1
  • Nathan Patrick Reynolds PSC1
  • Nichole Marie Horstman PSC1
  • Pamela A. Vickers PSC1
  • Pauline M. DeVita PSC1
  • Rick J. Gable PSC1
  • Robbin Regina Clay PSC1
  • Robin K. Flanagan PSC1
  • Ryan Place PSC1
  • Ryan Jeffrey Staley PSC1
  • Sara Weber PSC1
  • Sondra Marie Ambrister PSC1
  • Stephanie Jean Teman PSC1
  • Tammera Breneman‐Cummins PSC1
  • Tasha Klinger PSC1
  • Temple Wright PSC1
  • Tod A. Kitchen PSC1
  • Tony Nichols PSC1
  • Veronica B. Fox PSC1
  • Vonda M. Witham PSC1
  • William H. Bible PSC1



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