Join A Committee

Make an Impact

As a committee member, you have a say in matters affecting your industry.

Your insight shapes how WCAR delivers value to its members and how Realtors deliver value to their clients.

Committees help bridge the gap between the association and its members- allowing us to work together to meet the needs of WCAR’s membership.

Promote REALTORS® through electronic and written forms of communication.

Is responsible for considering the planning, expansion and development of the building and grounds as well as the maintenance of such existing facilities.

Offer opportunities for WCAR members to engage in various projects that are designed to serve and improve our local community.

To identify topics of help and interest to the members.

Schedules and plans educational programs.

Working with affiliates to provide continuing education or underwrite part of the cost of the courses to enable reasonably priced classes while still reaching the non-dues income goal set by the finance committee.

To establish and promote monthly membership meetings and quarterly business meetings.

Prior to the September Board of Directors meeting, the President shall appoint four active members to act as the Election Committee to conduct the Annual Election of Officers and Board of Directors.

To educate the members in dealing with open housing issues and groups.

To be the primary local source to assist members in eliminating barriers to fair housing and diversified communities.

(The EOHC in cooperation with the Program Committee and/or education Committee, will be responsible for scheduling one program each year to support members in eliminating intolerance among real estate practitioners and the general public.)

An Executive Committee composed of the Immediate Past President, President, President Elect, Vice President and Executive Officer shall meet at the Presidents discretion to handle matters arising between meetings of the Board of Directors and to make recommendations for
action to the Board of Directors.

It shall be the responsibility of the Finance Committee, under the direction of the Board of Directors, to supervise the finances of the Board and to prepare an annual budget to be presented to the Directors for approval at their September meeting.

The committee will meet
quarterly to analyze the investments and make recommendations to the Board of Directors as needed.

Set non-dues income goal for education/membership/program committee.

This committee shall consist of the President, President Elect, Vice President and one member.

Organize the WCAR Golf Outing which is an annual Board fundraiser designed for the members enjoyment.

Keep current on changes to the Professional Standards code of Ethics.

Members attend semiannual training in order to serve on the Grievance panels.

Committee members set examples for other association members.

Organize the Annual Installation Banquet for the installation of our Officers and Directors.

Maintains contact with elected officials who promote efforts in the support or opposition of legislation on behalf of REALTORS® and private property owners.

Stay abreast of local government real estate issues and advise Board of Directors of pertinent information.

Encourages grass roots activity and identifies future elected officials.

To review and keep current MLS Rules, Regulations and Policy to conform to NAR Rules & Regulations with the Board of Directors approval.

Policy and Procedures approved by the Board of Directors shall be followed in administering said rules and regulations MLS fees will be set by staff, explained to MLS Committee and then submitted to the BOD for their approval.

The MLS committee supports and enhances the level of service to the membership and provides the appropriate vehicle to address the concerns and issues of the participants and users.

At least three (3) months before the annual election of the President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall appoint a nomination committee.

Membership shall be composed of two (2) past presidents, the President Elect, and two (2) other active members of the
Association of REALTORS®.

Keep current on changes to the Professional Standards code of Ethics.

Members attend semiannual training in order to serve on the Professional Standards hearing panels in cases of charged violations of ethics and arbitration hearings.

Committee members set examples for other association members.

The Realtor of the Year committee is chaired by the previous Realtor of the Year.

The submissions for Realtor of the year will be evaluated by two members from another association and then given to the chairperson for confirmation.

The RPAC Chairman and Committee encourages members to be active participants in the RPAC campaign. Is in charge of planning RPAC fundraising events.

Determine the technology needs of the Board and the best way to fulfill them.

To ensure membership is kept informed of hospital stays, births and deaths.

Also responsible for securing a member to offer the Invocation and lead the Pledge of Allegiance or to do so themselves.

Be part of something great

As a volunteer leader, your input helps enhance the member experience, and your dedication is instrumental to the success of West Central Association of Realtors®.

How are members selected? The President shall appoint from among the Realtor Members, subject to confirmation by the Board of Directors, to existing committees.

Committee members can not miss anymore than three regular or special meetings of the committee.

If you are interested in joining a committee or have questions about available leadership tools, please contact our office during business hours.

2021 Committee Appointees


  • Chair Connie Thompson
  • Kate Shulaw (BOD Liaison)


Building Trustees:

  • Chair Steve Uncapher
  • Co-Chair Ralph Haggard
  • Randy Faulder


Community Service:

  • Co-Chair Shaun Richardson (BOD Liaison)
  • Co-Chair Dawn Arheit
  • Kelly Martino


Equal Opportunity/Fair Housing/Civil Rights:

  • Chair Veronica Fox
  • Bailey Joseph (BOD Liaison)



  • Chair— Antwilla Davis (BOD Liaison)
  • Bailey Joseph
  • Jaylene Smith



  • Steve Shulaw Co-Chair
  • Katie Burgbacher Co-Chair
  • Marianne George
  • Tim Heinz
  • Chad Lawson
  • Myron Meas
  • Shaun Richardson


  • Antwilla Davis (BOD Liaison)
  • Bruce Binkley
  • Becky Reed 
  • Chris Fleischman 
  • Veronica Fox 
  • Bailey Joseph
  • Kelly Martino 


Installation Banquet:

  • Chair Maria Sanko
  • Veronica Fox



  • Chair Tim Stanford (BOD Liaison)
  • Antwilla Davis
  • Steve Shulaw


Membership Program/Education:

  • Chair– Antwilla Davis (BOD Liaison)
  • Dawn Arheit
  • Dick Clark
  • Kyle Bushong


MLS Committee:

  • Chair Kelly Martino (BOD Liaison)
  • Dick Clark
  • Ashley Cowan-Meas
  • Garrett Gatton
  • Lauren Honigford
  • Sandy Kerns
  • Kate Shulaw
  • Jaylene Smith

Professional Standards:

  • Chairperson:  Dawn Arheit
  • Dick Clark (Ombudsman)
  • Kaye Acheson-Conley 
  • Jeff Dulmage
  • Kim Eilerman 
  • Jason Liening 
  • Tim Parker 
  • Jaylene Smith (BOD Liaison)
  • Tim Stanford
  • Linda Painter-Stemen


RPAC Auction:

  • Co-Chair Jamie Hollar
  • Co-Chair Kate Shulaw
  • Dick Clark (BOD Liaison)
  • Randy Faulder
  • Ralph Haggard
  • Bailey Joseph
  • Kelly Martino
  • Ashley Cowan-Meas
  • Connie Thompson
  • Kayla West



  • Chair Kate Shulaw (BOD Liaison)
  • Jeff Dulmage
  • Tim Heinz
  • Tim Parker
  • Shaun Richardson
  • Steve Shulaw



  • Veronica Fox
  • Cheryl Faulder