Member Fees and Schedules


Annual Dues—NAR, OR, and Local Dues

  • October 1, Dues bills sent to all Board members
  • November 1, Dues due date
  • December 1, 10% late feed added to unpaid dues
  • January 15, agent suspended for unpaid dues
  • Last business day in January, agent terminated for unpaid dues

MLS Fees

  • 1st Quarter–JAN-MAR (for upcoming year), billed the day of the November BOD meeting
  • 2nd Quarter–APR-JUN, billed the day of the February BOD meeting
  • 3rd Quarter–JULY-SEP, billed the day of the May BOD meeting
  • 4th Quarter–OCT-DEC, billed the day of the August BOD meeting

MLS fees are due 30 days after they are billed. A late fee is added 10 days after the due date. Agents are inactivated in the MLS and their brokers contacted if they are not paid 10 days after the late fee is applied. If the agent does not pay their MLS fees 30 days after they are due, the Broker is billed for the MLS fees.

Supra EKey Billing

Annual lease contract runs May 20 of first year to May 19 of next year (approximate dates for each year).

  • The annual Supra lease is billed the day of the April BOD meeting
  • Supra fees are due 30 days after billed
  • Unpaid Supra accounts are inactivated 10 days after the due date
  • Inactivated agents can be reactivated by paying a $25 reactivation fee

Affiliates Dues/Renewing

Affiliates dues are billed the last week of December.  There is a $100 charge for the first member of a business/organization and $10 for each additional member of that organization.


Fees are subject to change based on Local, State and National compliance.

2021Application FeeOR New MemberORNARLocal (WCAR)MLS FeesTotal
January$150.00$50.00$200.00$185.00$190.00 (Q1) $83.80$858.80
February$150.00$50.00$186.00$172.50$174.17(Q1) $83.80 + (Q2) $81.68$898.15
March$150.00$50.00$172.00$160.00$158.34(Q1) $83.80 + (Q2) 81.68$855.82
April$150.00$50.00$158.00$147.50$142.51(Q2) $81.68$729.69
May$150.00$50.00$144.00$135.00$126.67(Q2) $81.68 + (Q3) TBD687.35+
June$150.00$50.00$130.00$122.50$110.85(Q2) $81.68 + (Q3) TBD$645.03+
July$150.00$50.00$116.00$110.00$94.98(Q3) TBD$520.98+
August$150.00$50.00$102.00$97.50$79.15(Q3) TBD + (Q4) TBD$478.65+
September$150.00$50.00$87.00$85.00$63.32(Q3) TBD + (Q4) TBD$435.32+
October$150.00$50.00$75.00$72.50$47.49(Q4) TBD$394.99+
November$150.00$50.00$61.00$60.00$31.66(Q4) TBD + (Q1) TBD$352.66+
December$150.00$50.00$47.00$47.50$15.83(Q4) TBD + (Q1) TBD$310.33+

NEW Supra Keyholders

The Board prorates quarterly the fees for new Supra keyholders. Proration dates occur in August, November, and February of the contract year.

NEW Affiliates Dues

Dues for Affiliates joining the WCAR are prorated quarterly.

  • 1st Quarter—JAN-MAR, $100
  • 2nd Quarter—APR-JUN, $75
  • 3rd Quarter—JUL-SEP, $50
  • 4th Quarter—OCT-DEC, $25