Join or Subscribe

Step 1: Fill Out an Application

WCAR Board Membership

Licensed broker, salesperson or appraiser who is associated with a Designated REALTOR® Active Membership Application.


Broker access OR Agent access as a member of another Ohio Board.

WRIST Member MLS Reciprocal Participation

Current members of the WRIST MLS may receive a reciprocity discount with this form. Must submit Navica MLS app first.

Affiliate Partnership

Affiliates of WCAR receive advertising to members, networking opportunities and can distribute promotional items.

Step 2: Pay Dues and Fees

Fees are subject to change based on Local, State, and National compliance.

Payments can be made by calling our office with a card over the phone, mail a check or COMING SOON pay from your member app.


  • New Member Application Fee $150.00
  • New Member Ohio Realtors Fee $50.00
  • New Member State Dues $200.00 (January, prorated after that)
  • New Member National Dues $185.00 (January, prorated after that)
  • New Member Local (WCAR) Dues $190.00 (January, prorated after that)
  • Affiliate Dues $100.00 (January, prorated after that)


  • Quarterly MLS Member Fees – Calculated each quarter based on the number of members. 2021 average estimated at $85.00 quarterly.
  • WRIST Member MLS Reciprocity Discount $15 per quarter
  • Broker Member or Non-Member requesting access to MLS Application Fee $200.00
  • Member of another Ohio Board requesting access to MLS Application Fee $200.00

Step 3: Onboarding

Our office will send confirmation of application and payment receipt along with the next steps in your onboarding.

Thank you for choosing to join West Central Association of Realtors or Subscribing to WCAR Navica MLS.