Post Licensing

Please Note

If you hold a Salesperson’s license and this is your first renewal since original licensure, you are required to complete a 20-hour post-licensing course. This course must be completed within your first year of licensure by the anniversary date of license issuance.

20-Hour Ohio Post-Licensing Salesperson

This course is required for all Ohio licensees; it covers current laws, steps to succeed in business, and fiduciary duties.

This course provides a foundation for the legal and ethical obligations of real estate licensees. Topics include basic business practice, fair housing, agency, fiduciary duties, property management basics, commercial real estate basics, the basics of short sales, foreclosures, land contracts and wholesaling in Ohio, and avoiding the unlicensed practice of law.

Course highlights:

  • Broker responsibilities
  • Advertising regulations
  • Real estate cycles
  • Civil rights, fair housing, and cultural diversity
  • Agency formation and disclosure
  • Duties when acting as a buyer’s and seller’s agent
  • Appropriate earnest money handling
  • Federal and state programs for buyers
  • Foreclosures and short sales
  • Land contracts, commercial real estate, and property management

COST $199.00