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As a REALTOR® association, we pledge to promote REALTOR® Safety in communications, media, governance, and action(s). 

We strive to ensure the safety of our members and the public.

September is REALTOR® Safety Month but keeping safety at the forefront of your mind throughout the year is crucial. 

REALTORS® encounter job-related risks every day and understanding why safety matters and how implementing safety best practices is not only good for you, but ultimately good for your business. 

Whether you are new to the industry, or a seasoned REALTOR®, it is easy to miss warning signs or become complacent in your practices. 

Share these proven tactics and key takeaways on how to spot danger and navigate dangerous situations with friends, family, clients, and co-workers to keep you and your community safe.

Top 10
Safety Tips

  1. Careful with personal info
  2. Verify customer information
  3. Enlist a coworker
  4. Announce your showings
  5. Scout locations early
  6. Keep phone in hand
  7. Keep customer in sight
  8. Pay attention to exits
  9. Take a self-defense class
  10. Trust your gut