Board of Directors

2022 Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the elected body that oversees the vision, mission and strategic plan of your association.

2023 Applications open July 1-29, 2022

Antwilla Davis, President

Jaylene Smith, President-Elect

Elaine Wehri, Vice President

Bailey Joseph, Past President

Dalton Brenner, Director

Kyle Bushong, Director

Rick Gable, Director

Jason Liening, Director

Ashleigh Mangini, Director

Kelly Martino, Director


The governing body of the West Central Association of REALTORS® shall be a Board of Directors consisting of the President, President Elect, Vice President and the latest Past President of the board in good standing, and six (6) active members elected by the general membership in good standing.

Three directors are elected annually to serve two-year terms. 

  • The Directors shall determine matters affecting the welfare of the board, supervise the administration of the finances and determine all matters of salaries.
  • They conduct the affairs of the Board and in conjunction with the President, determine policy and programs.
  • They approve committee appointments, fill vacancies when necessary, and, when required, act as a review board for matters brought before the Professional Standards Committee.
  • Members of the Board of Directors are expected to represent the entire membership and must place the welfare of the total Board ahead of fractional or specialty considerations.
  • Directors should remember that discretion protects credibility and discourages rumors, gossip and criticism.
  • Directors should be familiar with antitrust laws, professional standards and association bylaws.
  • Additionally, directors must be ACTIVE members. Their attendance at association functions facilitates a steady flow of communication with membership.
  • Directors shall also serve as liaisons between various committees or divisions of committees.

Requirements for Elections

  • President Elect and Vice President minimum of 3 years membership.
  • Director minimum 1 year membership.