Supra eKEY & Lockboxes

About Supra

Supra is a leading global provider of key management solutions. Supra released its first lockbox system in 1955 for the real estate industry. The Supra real estate lockbox system is managed today by real estate associations and Multiple Listing Services for real estate agents to efficiently market and show listed homes.

WCAR contracts with Supra to provide their eKEY APP for members to access Supra lockboxes. Supra lockboxes are FREE for members to use on their listing through our rental program.

A lockbox holds the key for a house that is on the market. The lockbox is a padlock or rectangularly-shaped box that generally hangs around the doorknob of a house that is on or about to be on the market. The box provides communal access for real estate agents, while continuing to keep the home secure. Permission is generally required from the seller, who is the owner, to install a lockbox.

Newer versions of real estate lockboxes operate in tandem with mobile devices, incorporating logging and remote control and configuration. They replace older lock boxes that were secured either with a manual key, a security code, or a swipe card.

Members of WCAR have the opportunity to register for Supra when completing their New Member Application. I f member did not sign up at the time of membership, they can apply here.

WCAR is the sole owner of the Electronic Lockbox System and provides to members at no cost to sue on active listings.

Stop by our office to rent as many as you need. Return once the listing is Sold or keep and report quarterly that you still have the box.

Brokers may also manage their own inventory in office.

WCAR members use both Supra Lockboxes and manual lockboxes. Many manual boxes you will find in rural areas to ensure operation.

We encourage members to get at minimum an eKEY because you never know if a house that needs to be shown has a Supra lockbox on it. Not all listing agents will meet you to open the door.

Best Practices

Brokers/members are required to follow best practices:

  • No more than two keys are to be put in a lockbox
  • Do not put key rings in the lockbox
  • Do not leave business cards or other miscellaneous items in the lockbox
  • Keep the lockbox clean and dry as possible and out of the weather
  • Place lockbox in secure location i.e., not on a removable piece of furniture
  • Add lockbox serial numbers to your Supra app for easy management

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