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SentriLock, an MLS Benefit

SentriLock is the industry leader in electronic lockboxes and and we’re proud to make their secure, durable, and versatile solutions available to West Central Association of RELATORS® MLS Subscribers.

NEW MLS Subscribers will receive an activation email from SentriLock within 48 hours of processing.

Keybox System Rules and Regulations MAY 2024

SentriLock's SentriGuard Lockbox

Engineered with a high-strength, corrosion-resistant steel vault and bolt cutter-resistant shackle, your SentriGuard® lockbox is built to last.

With the longest battery life in the industry formulated to work up to 10 years, it’s designed to be nearly maintenance free.

Lockboxes may be checked out from the association office or brokerage at no additional cost.

Get the SentriKey Mobile App

As a benefit of your membership, the app is available at no cost.

Check out the SentriKey Real Estate App user guide video to learn more about the app benefits and how to download it to your iPhone® or Android® phone.

Download the app for Apple or Android.

Download SentriKey to your Apple Watch

SentriLock is now providing you with a hands-free way to open your SentriLock lockbox, the SentriKey® Real Estate Apple Watch app!

Simply download the SentriKey® Real Estate app in the App Store and the icon will automatically appear on your Apple Watch.

No Cell Service? No Problem! SentriKey has you Covered

SentriKey Real Estate App can help make sure you stay connected. Here’s how:

For Bluetooth® Boxes

A good practice is to update your SentriKey Real Estate Mobile App credentials each day. Whether you’re a listing agent, showing agent, or an affiliated user, before you leave home or the office, launch the SentriKey Real Estate app on your mobile device. By authenticating, your credentials are good for 24 hours. When interacting with the SentriLock REALTOR® Bluetooth® Lockbox, it requires only a Bluetooth® connection to open the key door, even if you’re out of cell-service coverage.

For Non-Bluetooth® Boxes

If you’re going to a showing in a remote area and that listing isn’t using a Bluetooth® lockbox, we have a solution for you, too. Success is achieved by using the My Schedule function in the SentriKey Real Estate app. This is done either by the listing agent creating the appointment directly in the SentriKey Real Estate system, or through leveraging our integrations with other third-party showing services. When the showing is scheduled, and the SentriKey Real Estate app detects low or no cellular coverage, you’ll be presented with a Mobile Access Code in the SentriKey Real Estate app. No card needed, no Bluetooth® needed!

One-Day Codes

One-Day Codes are designed to support the integrity of the SentriLock system, while adding convenience for how access is granted to authorized professionals.

The following frequently asked questions and SentriLock Best Practices will provide you with everything you need to know about using One-Day Codes and establishing proper use policies for your office. 

SentriConnect App: Your Secure Option for Providing One-Day Codes

Allows the listing agent, listing office, or anyone with lockbox owner privileges on an assigned property to issue One-Day Codes through the SentriConnect app. The app can be used for non-SentriLock REALTORS® and Non-REALTOR® users (cleaning companies, inspectors, etc.) to access One-Day Codes for listings.

Helpful SentriConnect Resources:


What your Clients Should Know about SentriLock

The security that comes with SentriLock can give your sellers piece of mind. Give your clients a snapshot of the safety features and benefits of using SentriLock with this resource.

Additional Resources for Managing and Maintaining your Lockboxes

SentriLock FAQs

Call WCAR at 419-227-5432 and we will verify your information and give you your PIN code.  SentriLock does not give PIN codes. 

The PIN code is a 4-digit number used to access the lockbox key container.  Your password is used to log into the SentriLock website. 

Watch a video on the SentriLock site for creating and using a One-Day Code. Also, check out the following resource, Best Practices Regarding One-Day Codes.

It is important to note that all WCAR members have access to the SentriLock system by way of the SentriKey Real Estate mobile app and all members are highly encouraged to use the app as your preferred method of showing property.

Once you have been issued a One-Day Code, press enter on the lockbox to “wake up” the box.  The lights should go on.  Type in the One-Day Code and press enter.  The key container should release.  If the box does not “wake up,” you may slide a card into the slot at the bottom of the box to activate the internal mechanism to do so, then enter the One-Day Code and press enter.  The key container should open. 

Immediately contact SentriLock Technical Support at 877.736.8745. It is important to note that tampering with or trying to fix a lockbox on your own could potentially void the warranty.