Local Candidate Support

Candidate Screenings

The West Central Association of REALTORS® Legislative Committee conducts candidate screenings. The candidate screening program is carried out when there are two or more viable candidates running for the same office. Members of the committee are chosen from association members who are current on their dues payments and have served within the RPAC at the local and/or state level.

It is absolutely essential that panel members be completely unbiased. Any person who may have a conflict of interest with any of the candidates should not serve on the panel. This includes members who have close personal or business ties with a candidate or anyone who has contributed financially or volunteered with a candidate’s campaign. Members who serve on executive committees of local political parties are not prohibited but are carefully considered/scrutinized by the Legislative Committee, Association Executive and Association President as panelists must be neutral and fair.

Candidates are asked questions in three different categories:

  • REALTOR® issues
  • qualifications
  • campaign structure


Candidates that receive a West Central Association of REALTORS® Legislative Committee recommendation will be eligible for, but are not guaranteed, RPAC funds, press releases and access to members to volunteer on their campaign.

An Important Reminder

The Candidate Screening Process is not a popularity contest. The focus is on issues, voting records, fundraising, how well the campaign is organized and the individual’s ability to be elected.