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The Multiple Listing Service is a neutral place where real estate professionals collaborate based on shared rules and reliable data.

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Quarterly invoices are emailed in February, May, August and November for the next quarter services. Make a payment through the MemberHub.


Steps: Menu > Daily Functions > MLS Intranet.

Select Forms for a dropdown of what has been added. Here you will find contracts and rules and regulations. If you are looking for input forms, select Menu and type input in the search.

ShowingTime for the MLS enables real estate professionals to decrease in and outbound calls, save time, generate more showings, and provide better client service with increased accountability and enhanced security – all leading to a more efficient home sale.

ShowingTime is a free WCAR MLS Subscriber benefit.

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To add a sold listing that was not active in our MLS, follow these steps:

  1. Menu > Add Listing > add listing details > Add Listing top right. 
  2. Menu > Change Listing > Add MLS# > Status > Close Listing > Add Details and Save.


If adding a sold comp, you may select Non-Member for agent outside of our MLS or FSBO. 

Follow the steps below to rank members in the MLS:

  1. Menu
  2. Inventory & Production
  3. Ranking Reports
  4. Choose property type(s), dates and any other criteria you wish
  5. Rank by Members
  6. Select Dollar (or Volume based on report needs)
  7. Select Listing OR Selling
  8. Deselect Calculate numbers by using sides (it will double numbers)
  9. Input number of members you want it to display i.e. top 100

As a reminder, MLS Listings are typically owned by the Listing Broker.

If an agreement has been reached between agent and broker to move the listing(s) a transfer in writing is required.

Flexmls Support

ShowingTime is included in your MLS Subscription.

Support: 800-379-0057 

MLS Rules and Regulations

All listings entered into the MLS are subject to the Rules and Regulations set forth by the WCAR MLS Committee. Review the latest by clicking ‘Intranet’ in your Menu.

MLS Compliance

The MLS Rules and Regulations ensure that the data being entered into the MLS is accurate and not misleading. Data accuracy is very important.

REPORTING – Violations are reported to the service two ways:

  1. Auto alerts are sent to staff for violations that contain a breach of an allowed timeline: new listings, status changes and closings.
  2. Members can contact the board office to report possible violations. All member reporting is investigated by staff.

SANCTIONS – Sanctions on violations range from one warning up to a $2000 fine depending on the specific rule. If staff determines a violation has been made, the participant will receive an invoice via email with a description of the violated rule. Invoices must be paid within 7 business days.

Brokers are responsible for making sure their agents follow MLS Rules and Regulations.

Flexmls Short Tip Videos

Internet Display Exchange (IDX) Feed Request

IDX provides a means for brokers and agents to display Multiple Listing Service listing content on their Internet sites.



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