Robert's Rules of Order

Robert’s Rules of Order is America’s foremost guide to parliamentary procedure. WCAR committees follow the guide’s set of rules and procedures to ensure that meetings are orderly and their goals are accomplished fairly.

Board of Directors

They are a group of 11 members nominated by the Nominating Committee and presented to the general membership at the annual business meeting for election. 

The Board of Directors are responsible for establishing policies and ensuring the strategic directions and financial affairs of WCAR and its Multiple Listing Service are administered effectively. 

They are responsible to carry out the business objectives of WCAR by establishing and coordinating, at a high level, the overall work of committees, teams and work groups comprised of volunteers, leadership and staff to accomplish the objectives on behalf of the membership.


The Affiliate Committee will grow and strengthen networking, oversee the annual Affiliate Open House, and manage the guidelines for the Affiliate of the Year award.

The Community Service Committee is responsible for organizing events that allow members to interact with the community through fundraisers and educational resources.

The Communications Committee is responsible for promoting members, the REALTOR brand and to develop value driven member campaigns.

DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) purpose: to increase diversity and inclusive representation within leadership and overall membership.

Fair Housing purpose: To create or improve systems, programs, and policies that uphold fair housing laws and strengthen REALTORS® commitment to offering equal professional service to all.

Maintains contact with elected officials who promote efforts in the support or opposition of legislation on behalf of REALTORS® and private property owners. Stay abreast of local government real estate issues and advise Board of Directors of pertinent information. Encourages grass roots activity and identifies future elected officials. The RPAC Chairman and Committee encourages members to be active participants in the RPAC campaign.

To identify topics of help and interest to the members. Schedules and plans educational programs. Working with affiliates to provide continuing education or underwrite part of the cost of the courses to enable reasonably priced classes while still reaching the non-dues income goal set by the finance committee. To establish and promote monthly membership meetings and quarterly business meetings. They are also responsible for the annual golf outing and the Installation Banquet although these are usually planned by sub-committees.

To review and keep current MLS Rules, Regulations and Policy to conform to NAR Rules and Regulations with the Board of Directors approval. Policy and Procedures approved by the Board of Directors shall be followed in administering said rules and regulations.

The MLS committee supports and enhances the level of service to the membership and provides the appropriate vehicle to address the concerns and issues of the participants and users. The MLS Committee stays up to date on the latest industry topics and technology trends.

Keep current on changes to the Professional Standards Code of Ethics. Members attend semi-annual training in order to serve on the Professional Standards hearing panels in cases of charged violations of ethics and arbitration hearings. Committee members set examples for other association members. The West Central Association of REALTORS® has adopted the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual and will follow that manual to ensure due process. The Board of Directors has adopted Professional Standards Policies and Procedures to decide those matters, which are left to the option of the local boards.

The purpose of this committee is to educate the membership on the importance of investing in the Realtor Political Action Committee and to develop and implement local fund-raising for RPAC.