Supra Keyboxes

What is Supra?

Supra is a system that lets agents use an app on their phone to open secure lockboxes (also called keyboxes) to access listing keys. Only authorized keyholders can open a lockbox, and Supra tracks/documents every time a lockbox is accessed.

When WCAR members use the Supra system, they can use the app installed on their phone to open their own and other members lockboxes. They can also check out Supra lockboxes to put on their own listings.

What Does Using Supra Cost?

WCAR offers two options for using Supra, a 12-month lease and a 24-hour rental.

Board and MLS members can lease Supra annually. The WCAR annual lease agreement runs from May 19 of the current year to May 18 of the following year (approximate dates). The table below shows the costs for a full-year or a prorated annual lease for new users.

Subscribers that choose not to renew in May will be charged a $25 reactivation fee when requesting a lease anytime during the next contract cycle.

Lockbox Rules & Regulations

The Board it has specific rules about who is permitted to use lockboxes/keyboxes and the actions permitted when using a lockbox.

See the link below for Keybox Rules and Regulations.

Keybox Rules and Regulations

Lease Cost

Begin Date (to May 18, 2022) Supra Lease Cost Sales Tax Total
May 19 $127.68 $8.75 $136.43
August 19 $95.76 $6.56 $102.32
November 19 $63.84 $4.37 $68.21
February 19 $31.92 $2.19 $34.11

Rental Cost

A Supra 24-hour rental costs $25 + sales tax. This allows the user full access to the Supra system for a 24-hour period. The cost of a 24-hour rental does not count toward the cost of a lease if the user should choose to lease Supra later.

Agents who are not members of our Board or MLS can rent Supra for 24 hours. They must have a current real estate agent license number and be a member of a Realtors® Board.

Lease or Rental Agreements

To begin the process of using Supra, a completed Lease or Rental agreement (linked below) must be submitted to the WCAR Board office. Print agreements can be brought to the Board office, or completed agreements can be emailed to

Supra Lease Agreement

Supra Rental Agreement

After the completed agreement and payment are received, the admin at the Board office will setup the agent as a Supra user. Be sure to give the Board staff the four-digit PIN code you want to use when opening a lockbox.

Install the App

The Supra Ekey app can be installed for free on a smart phone at any time. The Board office will give you an Authorization code that activates the app and makes it usable. If users get a new phone, just call the Board office to get a new Authorization code.

Supra Video

To help get ready to use your EKey app, see the video below for an easy tutorial on “How to Use Your Smart Phone as an EKey.”

Source: “Bay East Support”

Supra Technical Support: (877) 699-6787 OR

Lockbox Procedures

Complete the form below and bring it to the Board office to checkout a lockbox for your own use.

Lockbox Form

  • Board staff will give you a lockbox with the box ID number and the shackle code attached. Be sure to keep track of these numbers—they can be input into the Supra app in My Keyboxes.
  • Place the lockbox in a secure location at the listing, preferably on a railing or hanging from a door knob.
  • Lockboxes that are not secured may be removed by others, and the agent who checks out the lockbox is responsible for its return.
  • The lockbox can stay on a listing for as long as the listing is in the MLS as Active, Pending, or Contingent.
  • Once a listing is marked as Sold, Expired, or Withdrawn, the lock box should be returned to the Board office.
  • If agents want to move a lockbox to different Active listing, the lockbox form “Transfer” area can be completed and returned to the Board office.
  • Every Thursday, the Board staff checks the completed lockbox forms against the listings in the MLS.
    • If the Board finds that a lockbox for a Sold, Expired, or Withdrawn listing has not been returned to the office, a request is sent requesting the lockbox.
    • Agents have until the following Wednesday to return the lockbox without penalty.
    • If the lockbox is not returned by 5 p.m. Wednesday, the agent is inactivated in the MLS until the lockbox is returned.
    • Agents with missing/lost lockboxes are billed $100 for each lockbox.