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REALTOR® Code of Ethics

REALTOR® Code of Ethics Enforcement

The West Central Association of REALTORS® firmly supports and enforces the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. If you feel that you have grounds to file an Ethics Complaint or an Arbitration Request, please use the following information.

Is your complaint ETHICS or ARBITRATION?

Ethics – charges that a REALTOR has violated an Article(s) of the National Association of REALTORS Code of Ethics.

Arbitration – a dispute arising out of a real estate transaction, usually a commission dispute.
If your situation concerns both ethics and arbitration, they will be handled separately. Arbitration cases are always processed first. Only when the arbitration is completed, will the ethics complaint be considered.

If an agreement can not be made between parties, WCAR has trained volunteers to assist. 


1. OMBUDSMAN – use of a mediator via telephone.

We have several REALTOR® members trained in mediation and conflict resolution that can help act as an unbiased 3rd party intermediary between you and a REALTOR®.  This process usually takes less than 72-hours to complete.  At the end, if you are still not satisfied, a full Ethics complaint process is your next option.

To request Ombudsman services, please call the Executive Officer, Cara Budde at the WCAR office at  (419) 227-5432.

2. Mediator – use of a mediator through an informal in person meeting.

The West Central Association of REALTORS offers trained peer mediators to help members settle their financial disputes as an alternative to the lengthy and costly arbitration process.

3. Professional Standards Hearing – National Association of REALTORS®  hearing process.

Ombudsman and Mediator services are optional. Before moving forward with an official complaint or request, read this brochure: Before you file an Ethics Complaint or Arbitration Request


Filing an Ethics Complaint

  1. Review our Guide to Filing an Ethics Complaint and submit acknowledgment.
  2. Submit Form #E-1 Filing an Ethics Complaint. Include the alleged violation Article number, a narrative of the possible violations and all supporting documentation.


Filing an Arbitration Request

  1. Review our Guide to Filing an Arbitration Request and submit acknowledgment. 
  2. Submit Form #A-1 — Request and Agreement to Arbitrate.