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Sales & Marketing Resources

Build Client Relationships

Home your sales skills to grow your leads and rech more clients.

Grow Your Leads

Running a successful business is all about promoting your services and becoming an effective salesperson. Building strong client relationships and practicing excellent customer service will help you gain referrals and find new opportunities. Know your value proposition and explain to prospective clients what you can do for them.

The sales meeting tool kit is a guide on how to best give a sales meeting to a potential client. If you follow this guide you will give a comprehensive sales meeting covering all the important topics at hand.
It includes multiple activities and handouts to better engage with your potential client. The tool kit does not need to be followed exactly, it can be used as a base to build upon as you get used to presenting to clients and learn what works best.

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NAR’s sales tips and tricks is a collection of topics to help with the sale of a home. Topics include staging, open houses, challenging markets, luxury properties and stigmatized properties. 

This collection of tips is great to get a baseline level of knowledge on topics that you might not be familiar with. Along with articles from NAR on each topic, there is a list of references from other publications to further expand your research on each topic.

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NAR’s telemarketing and cold calling resource is a collection of media regarding the rules and regulations of telemarketing and cold calling. It includes a chart explaining the basics of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. 

Telemarketing and cold calling are a vital part of the Realtor® profession, especially recently. There are rules and regulations surrounding these techniques, and doing it right is important. The resources provided here by NAR will outline what you can and cant do, and help ensure that your marketing calls are within the law. 

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WCAR Tips to Take You Further

Did you know there are 230 possible steps that a Realtor® may provide in a typical, successful residential real estate transaction? Demonstrate your value to prospective clients when selling your service. Share the link to the Stages of the Transaction page to show your clients why they should hire you as their Realtor®.

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