Home Inspector Licensure Law

Home Inspectors must be licensed by the state of Ohio, called Licensure Law, and shall be enforced by the Ohio Division of Real Estate.

This law states that:

  • Home Inspectors must be licensed with the state of Ohio

Section 4764.02 | License.

(A) No person shall knowingly conduct a home inspection or represent a qualification to conduct a home inspection for compensation or other valuable consideration unless that person is licensed pursuant to this chapter as a home inspector or performing a parallel inspection.

  • If a REALTOR® is going to make a recommendation for a licensed home inspector, three (3) names must be given

Section 4735.22 | Referral of home inspectors.

If a real estate broker or real estate salesperson provides the name of a home inspector to a purchaser or seller of real estate, the broker or salesperson shall provide the buyer or seller with the names of at least three home inspectors. Any home inspector named shall be licensed under Chapter 4764. of the Revised Code. Providing a purchaser or seller of real estate with the names of licensed home inspectors does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of those inspectors and does not obligate the broker or salesperson to satisfy any due diligence requirements with respect to the licensed home inspectors. This section does not require a broker or salesperson to provide purchasers or sellers of real estate with information on home inspection services or home inspectors. No cause of action shall arise against a broker or salesperson for providing or failing to provide the names of licensed home inspectors or information on home inspection services or for failing to recommend a licensed home inspector to a purchaser or seller.

Why should home inspectors be licensed?

Listed below are a few reasons why home inspectors should be licensed. Visit the Division website link below to learn more about this law and the Home Inspector Program.

  • Licensed home inspectors, like REALTORS® are held to a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
  • Becoming licensed includes obtaining insurance and keeping up with annual continuing education.
  • Licensed inspectors will stay up to date on law and processes passed down from the state and national levels.
  • Requires a written contract between the licensee and the client before work is performed.

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Tips for REALTORS®

If you have inspectors you work with on a regular basis, ask them if they are licensed. If not, direct them to the Division website for directions on getting started.

Review the law your self and educate your clients on the importance of using a licensed home inspector for their purchase.

Create an email template with a list of licensed home inspectors to share with your clients. Keep this list updated by checking the division website for active licensees.

Video: How to Search for Licensed Home Inspectors


If you are not currently licensed with the state of Ohio, get the process started now. It can take 30 days to complete depending on your satisfied criteria.

Licensed home inspectors may want to contact their REALTOR® partners and Associations to announce their compliance with the law.

Use your active license status in your marketing, be proud of the extra steps you have taken for your clients and your business.

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